RATSoft/ST BBS was a computer bulletin board system software for the 16/32-bit range of Atari computers. The software was developed in the early 1990's by Steve Hughey, aka Rat Master, under is company, R0dent Labortories. Written in GFA Basic, it is compatible with all 16/32-bit models of Atari computers.

If you can contribute to the files collections, please send me an email at braxton@dfunct.net.


RATSoft/ST 2.1a

RATSoft/ST 2.1c


RATSoft v2.0i update

RATSoft v2.0j supplemental 1
Replaces two modules, SCRIPT.RAT and FIDOCOMP.RAT. RATScript has a few bugs fixed, and FIDOCOMP is >MUCH< faster dependant on how much memory you have free and how large your bases are.

Add Ons

Automatic SysOp emulator
Automatic SysOp emulator (RAT-SCRIPT) This script simulate a typing SysOp and is just a fun thing that you can do what you want whit!! Feal free to do what you want with this script!! Greeats Martin Haggbom -- SysOp Dataline BBS

Complaint Door script
RATScript I wrote for dealing with users who enjoyed always complaining about something.

File Area Want List
This Script is a modified version of one of Steve Hughey's offerings.

MF_ORDER update v06.08.93
Re-organizes message bases and file areas into any conference, in any order. This WILL NOT disrupt user pointers, quick-scans, or anything for that matter. Allows you to easily shuffle areas around into different conferences, or re-order their listings. BETA release (C)1993 R0dent Labs Software

NeverEnding Story 3.7
Script set [2 scripts] that you can put online to let your users enter, chapter by chapter, an on-going story. SysOp commands are contained in the second script. Quick 'how to' doc included. For RATSoft versions 2.0f+ only [Script.Rat updates Heavily Used!] -V3.7; Bug in BackLog method fixed. [Previously written for Express] Comments, etc. are Welcome!

OFFline Files Request System
This small RAT Module allows your users to easily request any OFFline
files simply by trying to download them. They just press Y if they want
the file putting on hold as FMAil for them, in which case an automatic
EMail will be sent to the SysOp asking you for the file.

Ratsoft Automatic E-MAILer
Use this handy utility to send auto-matic e-mail messages to any user of your choice, using any length message of your choice!
Used on "Citizen Dick" of Iceland to automatically send a personnalized e-mail to all new users.
Totally flexible allowing any text file to be sent as e-mail.

Running ICD's new CD-ROM drivers (based on MiNT) with RATSoft. Includes a utility which intercepts archive calls and can re-direct files to a writable device to prevent crashing. STZIP is a major problem when dealing with read only devices, and this will correct the problem.
*FREEWARE* [c]1993 R0dent Labs Software

RatSoft Games Manager
New RatSoft Games Manager, easily configurable for as many games as YOU want on your board. Features automatic menu generation in ANSI,TEXT, and RIP (if installed), with AUTO next page/first page options. All you've got to do is 'fill in the blanks'... SYSOPS who use RIP: USE THIS IN PLACE of the RatScript from RIPINSTL.ZIP! *(note: Modification to your MAINCMDS.DAT/MAINCMDS.RIP is necessary!) UnZip this Archive into your RATSOFT TEXT Directory!

RatSoft Remote Imaging Protocol Translation
All the files necessary to bring your RatSoft BBS up and online with RIP online graphics (not viewable by sysop- only remotely by PC Clone users, maby AMIGA users soon). PC users use RIPTERM to navigate through your BBS using virtually an ALL ICON interface. It makes BBS'ing easier and Faster, and is the coolest thing to hit BBSing SINCE RATSOFT! (*note: Be sure to download RIPTM154.EXE for your PC USERS to access!)

RATSoft Spelling Checker v.03b
RATSoft Spelling Checker v0.03beta with dictionary. Copyright [c]1994 R0dent Laboratories Software. Distribution on RATSoft/ST support sites allowed, other methods of distribution (whether private BBS or individual to individual) prohibited.

RATSoft/ST Local Download Script v1.1a
Written by Daniel Hedberg of New Beat Development, freeware. English version. This script is written in RAT-Script and is intended to be used with the RATSoft/ST BBS System. It makes it possible to download marked files by copying them to an optional path when you are in local mode. Now with improved error checking, easier installation and a couple of new features.

Year 2000 Bug Fix by Mabom and Dlanor


RATSoft/ST BBS v2.0 Manual
Scan of full printed manual that shipped with version 2.0e.

RATSoft ST v1.x "Spec Sheet"