Turn the Logoff count down on/off

If u want to Turn the logoff count down on/off ” Hit [SPACE] to abort, [G] to logoff now. ” ” Disconnecting In… 10 ” by Martin Haggbom

FAM – RATSoft File Area Manager – SOURCE!!!

This is a betaversion of the RATSoft/ST File Area Manager, development has stopped and therefore I have included the source- code. Feel free to make your own changes! You can’t live without this program once you’ve started using it! All programming by Rickard Troedsson

Programmers Gateway for RATSoft

Programmers Gateway for RATSoft/ST. Has been used sucessfully with David Blanchard’s RAT-QWK for quite some time. Finally wrote some documentation to accompany it. It makes writing programs which interact with RATSoft a breeze! Copyright (c) 1995 R0dent Laboratories Software

The Automatic Hack-Notifier v1.0

This program will scan through the log, and E-Mail users if someone has tried to log on their account with a bogus password. This is a RATSoft¿ module, written by Rickard Troedsson – developer on Climax SoftWare. (Look out for -FAM-, the external [F]ile [A]rea [M]anager for RATSoft/ST¿, soon to be released!)