RIP/ANSI Detect script (SCRIPT)

RATSOFT RIP Translation SysOps: This is a MAINTENANCE release to replace the WELCOM_R.SCP that originally came with RIPINSTL.ZIP.

Also includes an ANSI file that I forgot to include thats used in PRELOGON.

UnZip this archive into your RATSOFT Text directory.

RATPrint 1.0

Allows the user to write messages on your printer.
By Magnus Werner SilverSTone BBS!

NeverEnding Story 3.8 (SCRIPT)

Script set [2 scripts] that you can put online to let your users enter, chapter by chapter, an on-going story. SysOp commands are contained in the second script. Quick ‘how to’ doc included. For RATSoft versions 2.0f+ only [Script.Rat updates Heavily Used!]
-V3.8; Brand new Backlog routine – More reliable.
By Steve Sandy. Comments, etc. are Welcome!