Turn the Logoff count down on/off

If u want to Turn the logoff count down on/off ” Hit [SPACE] to abort, [G] to logoff now. ” ” Disconnecting In… 10 ” by Martin Haggbom

RATPrint 1.0

Allows the user to write messages on your printer. By Magnus Werner SilverSTone BBS!

RatSoft Bulletin Client v0.20 (October 29, 1996)

Written using RatSoft Script Language by Phoenix Copyright 1996 by Masochist Pleasure Productions. All Rights Reserved This is a BETA version, it is NOT a finished script. It may contain bugs and non-finished code, and should be considered as a preview.

Brief EMail List v09/16/95 Script.

Logon EMail brief listing. Instruction Text included, along with sample code. Error in asthetics fixed. Comments, etc. are welcome. By Steve Sandy.

/// RATSoft DOORINFO.DEF QuickBBS style

/// RATSoft DOORINFO.DEF QuickBBS style for ‘Final Frontier’ and my be ‘Othello’ not tested yet! (this is just a quick hack! Request from SilverSTones SysOp)