Random Announsment Shower for RATSoft

Sys_Note.scp v1.0 [96-03-21]

By Martin Haggbom

ScanMail v1.0 The Ultimate Email Util For RATSoft

By Martin Haggbom, Dataline System +46-8-2886, 33.6k V-ev
NOTICE! The original of ScanMail is the Email_Ud package released
by Steve Sandy (09/16/95) and Re-Modified Mars 24/96 by
Martin Haggbom, Dataline System
ScanMail v1.0 Functions (Some of them!) Brief E-Mail Listing of
online user, Toggle Brief E-Mail Listing On/Off, Kill *OLD*
Emails, Kill Emails sent from username, show email filename…

User Reserver For RATSoft (SCRIPT)
USER WARNER V0.50, RATSoft Script by Martin Haggbom

This script cuts out the “Userpruge” log statistics from RATSoft.LOG
and creates a list of users that are going to be deleted from the system
in a few days (or deleted this night).

Time Lottery – modified March 4th/1995

This script, modified to allow the user to only play the time lottery
twice per DAY, not just per call. Cleaned up the code, removed the GOTO’s
and is just downright nifty!

Modified by Steve Sandy – AKA: Blade – SysOp of Red Hot BBS

The Personals -Personal Ads for RATSoft!

‘The Personals’ is a script for RATSoft for use of posting and reading
personal ads just like you would in your local newspaper classified ads.
You can set the level of access, or age. Comes completely set up for
and ready to go! All you have to do is change the paths to suit your
Currently set for c:
atsoft – if you run RATSoft on drive D: then
just do a simple search & replace for your paths. Cheers!
Dream Master

Quick Black List v2.0, RATSoft 2.x Scrip

Ultra fast black list script, checks the users
real name and alias whit the system black list

Greetz From The Crazy Swed

RatSoft Bulletin Client Script v0.20

Written using RatSoft Script Language by Phoenix
Copyright by Masochist Pleasure Productions

Leave comment to next caller (SCRIPT)
Logfile Manager for RATSoft, by Martin Haggbom

Keep track on your logfiles in ypur system!