Phoenix NodeList Updater v1

Phoenix NodeList Updater v1

CRLF-FIX v0.97beta for RATSoft/ST FileTool Module [January 29, 1996]

Coded by Phoenix, SysOp of Heavens Trash (Located in Scandinavia)
Copyright 1996 by Phoenix Industries Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Fix corrupt AREA.? files

Fix corrupt AREA.? files

The Automatic Hack-Notifier v1.0

This program will scan through the log, and
E-Mail users if someone has tried to log on
their account with a bogus password.
This is a RATSoft¿ module, written by
Rickard Troedsson – developer on Climax
SoftWare. (Look out for -FAM-, the external
[F]ile [A]rea [M]anager for RATSoft/ST¿,
soon to be released!)

Last Callers v1.00 – Coded by Phoenix

Copyright 1996 by Masochist Pleasure Productions.
All Rights Reserved.

PurgeInfo 2.6 by Magnus Werner, SSTS.

Program to extract information about
passed to the RATSoft logfile from
(Read Update.Doc before installing!)

Updated Fido Care Package for RATSoft

Everything needed to setup Fido networking with RatSoft. This is an update
version of the RatSoft Fido Care Package. I have re-written the help file
make everything a little easier to understand. I have also included newer
versions of all files.

Convert f.BBS -> dSC v1.10 (29.05.96)

This neat little GEM-utility coded by Rikard Florin converts FILES.BBS
into a description format that RATSoft/ST is able to read (*.DSC). Nice
GEM-interface makes conversion real easy, simply click and go!

RATBlast v1.1, TT-High Screensaver Patch

RATBlast is an intelligent screen saver patch which enables RATSoft to
save the screen also in TT-High resolution, which it normally can’t.
The built-in screen saver in RATSoft is still used, with all features
that means. NOTE! RATBlast is NOT a screensaver, it makes use of RATSofts
builtin screensaver, so therefore it MUST be enabled in the config prg!

Rude Dog Software File Stuffer v.0.5

Rude Dog File Stuffer is designed to work with RatSoft BBS. It will
allow you to easily put files received through FIDO style networks on-line,
or move them to any directory.