How to use SEMPER with RATSoft
Year 2000 Bug Fix by Mabom and Dlanor 2000-05-13

For RATSoft BBS Version 2.x

FAM – RATSoft File Area Manager – SOURCE!!!

This is a betaversion of the RATSoft/ST
File Area Manager, development has stopped
and therefore I have included the source-
code. Feel free to make your own changes!
You can’t live without this program once
you’ve started using it!

All programming by Rickard Troedsson

BIGBOOT for RATSoft and most other BBS systems

The two programs BIGBOOT1.TOS and BIGBOOT2.TOS should be placed in a
directory together, I use my main RATSoft folder. Using a scheduler or
event file of some type simlply execute BIGBOOT1.TOS at the required time.

BBS Crash Saver v1.1 œ1992 R0dent Labratories Software

I wrote one of these a while ago, and well, it really didn’t work worth
crap. Alas, I decided to actually write one that DID work. And this one
does. Not only does it work, it works WELL, and it is MUCH improved.
o Works in all resolutions, color or mono.
o Requires about 15k

RATSoft File Alphabetizer v3.0

This program will sort your RATSoft file
areas for you. Right now the front-end only
works on MonoChrome systems but SeBra is
included in this archive for Colour users
to use the set-up program. Extract this
archive to your MAIN RATSoft folder and
run “ALPHACFG.APP” to setup the program.